SA Multi Loans

SA Multi Loans/Bridge Loans was formerly known as SA Multi Loans. Bridge Loans is a premier lender in South Africa and was established in 1994 under its former name.

These loans are all about “bridging the gap” between income and expenditure and aim at providing loans to clients who have small expenses coming up. These may range anywhere between acquiring a new gadget or to supplement your income for your impending nuptials.

Similarly, there are no restrictions against blacklisted people. Bridge Loans does not discriminate on the basis of credit history, for it agrees that it is the future that is relevant and not the past.

SA multi loans

They offer short term loans of up to R6,500 for a maximum period of 6 months. This can usually be adjusted provided the reasons can be justified for Bridge Loans is very flexible and wishes to facilitate its clients in the best possible way.

sa multi loans

sa multi loans

Bridge Loans also has several established locations as there are 176 branches operating currently, which is expected to increase to 200 by the end of 2012.

sa multi loans

SA Multi Loans application

To apply for a loan from Bridge Loans or SA Multi Loans, you can fill in the application form and submit it online. This gives immense flexibility to all applicants since they do not need leave their office or home and can avail credit at the click of a button.

On the other hand, there are people who might be worried about their repayment capability and whether they should take a loan at all. SA Multi Loans also offers the walk-in facility for such people who can speak to loan officers about their concerns and resolve the matter in a way that suits all parties concerned.

Advantages of SA Multi Loans

  1. Apply online or in person: SA Multi Loans accommodates its clients in any way they can ensuring clients are satisfied and comfortable with all aspects of the loan contract.
  2. Short term loans: Short term loans are very important in maintaining liquidity. Unexpected expenses always come up and it is good to have a loan options such as that from Bridge Loans
  3. Cell phone contracts: Many lenders just offer cash loan packages. SA Multi Loans on the other hand also provides cell phone contracts to its clients who like to remain up to date with the latest mobile technology
  4. Vast branch network: SA Multi Loans has at least 176 physical locations in South Africa, plus can be accessed online from anywhere around the world. This gives increased accessibility not only to existing customers but also to those who are looking into SA Multi Loan’s packages
  5. Unsecured Loans: SA Multi Loans also provides unsecured loans to its clients who do not have any fixed assets to pledge as collateral to other institutions meaning that virtually anyone can apply for a loan.
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2 Responses to SA Multi Loans

  1. heidi says:

    need a loan of r5000.00 but no one wants to help me

  2. MARTINAH says:

    How long does your personal loans take to be approved?

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