Izwe loans

IZWE is a well-respected micro-financier (Izwe loans) in the industry for the role it plays in facilitating low income individuals and enriching the lives of individuals with improved and sustainable financial opportunities. The objective of micro finance networks is to uplift the lives of low income people and provide them with financial products and related expertise despite their low income as many conventional banks ignore customers from low income households.

Hence, IZWE has emerged as a community lender with 300 agents established through mobile units and in areas such as Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg and townships and rural areas including Polokwane, Groblersdal, Nelspruit amongst several others.

The maximum principal offered as loans for mortgage or business developmental loans is R20,000 and is offered to clients who have a joint monthly income of at least R7,000. These are payable over 3 years but all terms can be negotiated with the bank’s representatives given on individual circumstances.

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