Izwe loans

IZWE is a well-respected micro-financier (Izwe loans) in the industry for the role it plays in facilitating low income individuals and enriching the lives of individuals with improved and sustainable financial opportunities. The objective of micro finance networks is to uplift the lives of low income people and provide them with financial products and related expertise despite their low income as many conventional banks ignore customers from low income households.

Hence, IZWE has emerged as a community lender with 300 agents established through mobile units and in areas such as Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg and townships and rural areas including Polokwane, Groblersdal, Nelspruit amongst several others.

The maximum principal offered as loans for mortgage or business developmental loans is R20,000 and is offered to clients who have a joint monthly income of at least R7,000. These are payable over 3 years but all terms can be negotiated with the bank’s representatives given on individual circumstances.

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ABSA Western Union Money Transfer

ABSA Western Union Money Transfer – There are a various reasons why individuals around the globe wish to avail the services of ABSA Western Union Money Transfer. The services by the company are offered internationally in more than 200 different countries worldwide.
The Western Union Money Transfer generates a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) for its clients to offer a reliable and convenient transfer on every transfer. The MTCN number allows customers to follow and keep track of the money to ensure the intended person receives the money.

The transfer of money is instantaneous, convenient, and easily undergone. The transaction via Western Union allows customers to benefit from internet banking and cellular banking to transfer the money as well. With its services offered in more than 200 countries, users don’t need to create a bank account. Instead, the services of Western Union can be availed at various banks in South Africa, mentioned on its website, or by any of the 420,000 Western Union locations available around the globe.

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Money Gram Transfer

Money Gram Transfer is a US based company which facilitates the transfer of money between different countries. With its headquarters established in Dallas, Texas, the company is able to provide its services in various countries globally.
The transferring of money via Money transfer is cheap, convenient, and easy to transact.

The service is offered in a couple of different languages including the native South African language to facilitate users all around the globe.

The service of Money Gram is easy to comprehend and set up. A basic of only three steps are required in order to transfer money to anyone around the globe. Firstly, the sender of the money enters the amount he or she wishes to send, along with the name of the recipient. Secondly, while processing the amount, Money Gram generates a reference code which is to be passed to the recipient. Lastly, the recipient needs to reach a Money Gram location and receive the money after dictating the reference code at the location, in order to receive the money. In South Africa, Money Gram services can be availed at Bidvest Bank and Standard Bank.

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Post Office Money Transfer Services

Post office money transfer service makes international money transfer easier for you, so that you can shift your money overseas through internet or phone. It is an exceptionally speedy and safe way to have your funds transferred to a number of international destinations through your own bank account.

You can transfer a minimum of 250 pounds to as much as 300,000 pounds at a 0% commission and an exchange rate that is updated on a regular basis. The service enables you to pay your bills, send money to family, send birthday gifts to friends, or have your funds transferred for the purpose of investing.

The most remarkable feature of the service is that there are no charges to send or receive the money, which makes Post Office money transfer service the most cost-effective and secure method to have your money transferred to its destination. The specialist team at Post Office is readily available to cater to your money transfer needs and offer quotes that are sure to meet your requirements.

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Bayport Financial Services

Bayport Financial Services is a premier lender in South Africa that believes in imparting financial education to its clients. This is important because some unscrupulous lenders rely on the ignorance of their clients to make a profit. Not Bayport Financial Services, as they share some extremely helpful financial information links on their website with regards to budgeting, managing debt and learning more about the National Credit Act that all lenders have to be registered under.

An informed client is an empowered client who knows what he wants and how he can get it. At Bayport, many types of personal loans are offered including cell phone loans for different models.

For example, available personal loans comprise of home extension loans, education loans, debt consolidation, financing for medical and other family emergencies including loans for funerals.

Similarly, loads of cell phone financing packages are available. Phones that are supported by this lender include Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia and 14 phones are currently available under this scheme while more phones are being added on a continuous basis.
To apply for a loan, you need to contact the lenders through their website or call them 0861 550 555 so that the personnel can get in touch with you regarding packages suitable for your needs.

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Clicks credit cards

Clicks credit cards are powered by Visa and are accepted at thousands of domestic and international locations. Clicks credit cards come with additional security that is difficult to bypass by thieves and fraudsters and includes a safety chip plus the requirement to enter a 4 digit secret PIN code. Both measures ensure that nobody but the registered user can use the card to make purchases.

When you use your Clicks Visa credit card, you are also entitled to various cash back offers. For new customers who spend R1,000 within the first 30 days of receipt of card, they will receive R150 back as a token of appreciation by the company. Similarly, if customers spend up to R7,000 a month for a year via the credit card, they are entitled to receive almost R1,700 in cash back.

As an added incentive, customers also have 55 days of no interest charges. This means that customers will have to pay zero additional charges provided they clear their balances before the 56th day of the billing cycle.

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Blue Bean Credit Cards

Blue Bean Credit Cards: One of the most unique and innovative feature of Blue Bean credit cards is the fact that they allow you to print virtually any picture on your credit card.

If you cherish your family a lot and would like to have a constant picture reminder in your wallet, put a picture of your family on your credit card. On a funnier note, if you would like to extend credit card privileges to your wife or daughter, be sure to have a stern picture of you printed on the card so they can try to limit their shopping budget!

There are 4 types of credit card offered by Blue Bean and are known as the Classic card, Silver card, Gold card and the Platinum card. They all differ on credit limits and payment tenures amongst other things. To apply, all you need is to be of legal age, a South African citizen and earning at least R4,000 per month to avail Blue Bean’s most popular unsecured lending.

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